New RHoJ!


New RHoJ!

I had initially planned on announcing this on Christmas, but family seemed to interfere with that plan - so let's say this is still a special holiday appointment (since we're in between holidays)!

I received quite a few applications for RHoJ this term, and I would like to thank all the applicants. And remember, if you weren't selected this time, you might be selected in the future - so work on making your application stronger and be ready for next time (which will be in about 3 months).

Now for the announcement - the new Right Hand of Justice, to serve faithfully for the next six months, is Alaris Jinn! Alaris has served the Chamber before on the Appeals Panel, and it now moving up to be the RHoJ, congrats!

I would like to thank Dante for his service as RHoJ over the past term. Dante is an old-hand at the Chamber, and is one of its most reliable members. Thank you for your time and your work, Dante.

Congrats to Alaris and many thanks to Kir for giving me the opportunity to serve as the RHOJ!

Thanks Dante, and thank you for taking more of your time to serve the CoJ.

Congratulations, Alaris!

Congrats on the position Alaris! I'm confident you'll advance the CoJ in a positive manner.

Congrats Alaris!

Grats Alaris!

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