Herald Style Hanukkah! Ten days and counting!

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With the final set of Mando-themed robes being released at Equite 3 ranks, this set is called 'Mesh'la' (and i'll let the fandalorians translate that for geek cred) and is geared toward our female members.
We also have the 'Abomination' saber, crafted by Shikyo. Sharp, shiny, and dangerous looking, this saber is available at Equite 2 ranks.
Enjoy, everybody!<p>


mesh'la = beautiful. Loving the accomodating the mando boys, Muz and Shik. Thanks for the prezzies ;)

And you even accommodated the Star Trek fans lol....not that I am one.

WOW....Muz, nice work on the female robe....epic

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