HSH, part 11


HSH, part 11

Day Eleven of Herald Style Hanukkah is here!

-> <- <p> Today is all sabers, arcane weapons based on exotic species' technology or harvested from their very hides, and well suited to helping you dominate your enemies.<p> These weapons, once available only to a very select few for participation in the AVP event earlier this year, are now more widely available. The Xenomorph trophy saber is available at Knighthood, while the Predator Saber is available at Equite 3. <p> Have fun!<p> --Muz</p></p></p></p>

<drool> So awesome, so very very awesome.</drool>

Totally digging the Alien style one, however I still prefer my current saber. Still, totally awesome gift to the DJB =)

ouch thats gotta sting to those that won them for the AvP event......oooops (fyi: I never knew anything about this as Fist)

That Xenomorph saber is pretty damn sweet.

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