Praetor/Magistrate to the Fist


Praetor/Magistrate to the Fist

Greetings all,

I'd like to congratulate Cethgus Entar for becoming my Praetor. He has shown dedication to the office of the Fist and is willing to learn everything that he needs to from me in the future.

Secondly, after a talk with Muz last night I'm going to be opening applications for Magistrate to the Fist to deal with certain things. Here's the requirements:

-Be at or above the rank of DJK.
-Be an active gamer
-Be knowledgeable in MMO's and how their guilds work
-Fresh and inventive ideas
-Willing to work with the current staff
-Any other info you think that will help with your application.

Email your applications to myself ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Cethgus ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) by January 28th.

Thanks all for your time


Congratulations, Cethgus! I know you'll do great in your new spot and make the Brotherhood, Office of the Fist, and Arcona proud! :)

It's a shame I don't know about MMOs, as I'd have been interested in this position, plus I meet all the other criteria. :(

Honestly, those requirements are a base. If you don't meet all of them you are still welcome to apply.

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