Tarentum QUA Report - 1/24/2011


Tarentum QUA Report - 1/24/2011


Welcome to another Tarentum Quaestor report, brought to you by a brand spanking new header. Thanks for making it, Ekeia!


Burden, Distrust, and Loathing

We are in our second week of the Taldryan-Naga Sadow-Tarentum feud, and we have been working on results for the first week. While sign-up rates for the run-on were strong, fiction entries were scarce and graphics entries were nil. Seeing as you guys have an AWOL check to respond to in four days, you have to prove you're active and willing to help out Tarentum, too. I'm especially expecting submissions from our more prominent members, including but not limited to the Tarentae.

In terms of the run-ons for Week Two, I've noticed that three of you specifically (not going to give names, but I will send an angry e-mail to the three of you if you don't step up your game) have not posted in your run-ons. Normally with certain competitions, I will accept real life priorities getting in the way. However, by signing up for this event, you basically signed a contract with your partner to have a completed run-on by the end of the week. If you do not complete this event, you are not only letting your partner down, but you are also letting your house down. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Seeing as the two events for Tarentum are sign-up events, I will not put up a lengthy reminder in this report. However, remember that both competitions end on January 26th, at 11:59 PM ET. Be sure to e-mail links to run-ons and ACC battles to [Log in to view e-mail addresses].


Aedile Applications

You may still submit applications for Tarentum Aedile by February 5th. I will go over the expectations for Aedile once again, as this is also still open to the entire Brotherhood.

Basics requirements are that

  • You must be at the rank of GRD or higher.
  • You must have a 24 to 48-hour e-mail turnaround.
  • You must have consistent IRC presence and be able and willing to chat with your housemates.

As Aedile, you will be expected to

  • Have some basic form of leadership experience.
  • Keep in close contact with the Quaestor on all Tarentum-related matters, as well as inform the Quaestor of real-life issues that may detract your attention from the Brotherhood.
  • Carry out basic Aedile duties as requested by the Quaestor.
  • Have a basic understanding of Tarentum lore and fiction.
  • Submit a monthly activity report to the house.
  • Lead by example, not only by directing competitions but also by participating in competitions in order to encourage member activity.
  • Have at least one exemplary skill, be it in graphics, writing, and/or gaming, in order to spur on activity in all three and/or more.

Please be sure to

  • Write one paragraph minimum explaining why you deserve this job, including any potential leadership experience or accomplishments.
  • Write three paragraphs minimum explaining a 3-month, 6-month-, and 12-month plan for Tarentum, as you will not just be expected to be a second-in-command, but also a potential successor.


Master-Student Program

If you read Muz's recent Grand Master report, you most likely noticed that there is a new requirement for a promotion to Equite 3. In order to obtain this rank, you must train a new DJB member to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. This reiterates the fact that one problem the DB is going through is low member retention. Therefore, I am reminding you all of the Master-Student program and that you can pick up an apprentice to teach and guide.

There are several newcomers you can take on as apprentices, including our newest member Theron (I'd like you all to welcome him). If you'd like to teach an older member, there are several Journeymen you can contact as well. The point is to revitalize younger members and bring new blood into the Brotherhood, which we desperately need.


Clan History Professor Position Open

As Taigikori (aka Malak Jr. ...please don't hurt me, boss) stated in his Headmaster report, applications are being accepted for the position of Professor of Clan Histories. The requirements are as follows:

-Hold the rank of Guardian or above.
-Have an email turn around time of 48 hours or better.
-Have completed all Clan History exams. (If you haven't, and still want the job, you may take the exams now)

E-mail your applications to Taig and me by January 31st. I highly recommend becoming a Professor if you can - the Shadow Academy is a lot of me and you can take that from me without a grain of salt. After all, I'm the Praetor and I love my job.


Anything else?

I will be returning to Southern California tomorrow and starting my final semester of university on the 31st of January. Wish me luck as I work on my final five courses so I can get my degree on time! Until next report, keep on working, Tarenti, and don't forget to reply to the AWOL check by January 28th.

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