2v1 ACC Competition Has Begun


2v1 ACC Competition Has Begun

Just a couple clarifications about the 2v1 battles, since I've already had several questions. All the specific rules and battle information can be found in the Hall, here:http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/acc/hall.asp?id=127

Post limit is 72 hours.

Each member will make one normal post (with the single combatant posting second, between the two team mates).

While the ACC code requires that each member write a Death Post, only one death post per team will count. The last Death Post (written by the member who posted third) shouldn't contain any text. Just post a place holder.

Have fun, and let me know if you've got any other questions.


And now for the obligatory betting pool. :P

Oh, and a random thing for the people who want to see the matches unfold for some reason. The URL for the 2v1 Hall is:


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