Praetor & Magistrate Applications


Praetor & Magistrate Applications


As the title suggests I am looking for a Praetor and Magistrate to help me in growing the fictional aspects of the Dark Brotherhood. The two jobs are very distinct, so applying to one does not automatically mean you would like the other. However, if you do wish to apply for both positions then please state as such in your application. Otherwise you will only be considered for the specific position you applied for.

Below are what the general job descriptions are for these positions, as well as the skillsets that I am looking for

Praetor to the Voice

I am looking for someone on a long-term basis, their primary task to help me in creating and expanding the content of official DB history and fiction. This will mostly involving the creating and updating of a large number of wiki pages, as well as ensuring that all other information in the DB plays nice with each other. My Praetor will also help in competition creation and running, as well as offering their advice in all decisions coming from this office


-Strong knowledge of both Star Wars and DB information

-Experience in creating wiki pages (send in examples)

-Advanced writing ability (Send in examples)

-Prior leadership ability

-Ability to work outside of your own House/Clan

-Experience in running large-scale competitions

-Experience with the ACC is a plus

Feel free to include any other information that you feel is pertinent to the position, as well as any ideas and thoughts you have on the role of Voice within the DB.

Magistrate to the Voice

Much as my previous Magistrate waves at Ji your job is very specific. You will be tasked with going through every wiki page in the DB (eventually) and bringing to the attention of myself and my Praetor any pages that may not be canon in terms of the DB or SW. This job requires a lot of reading as well as knowledge in all areas of the DB and SW.


-Strong knowledge of both Star Wars and DB information

-Experience with the DB wiki

You will need to prove to me that you have the two requirements above, as well as ensure that you are able to handle the project itself and all it entails. There is a lot of information that needs to be looked at and isn’t for the faint of heart.

Please send your application to me by Sunday, February 6th. I will be looking over the applications next Monday and may be following up with applicants at that time. All applications should be e-mailed to me stating which position(s) they are applying for. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or comments

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