Announcements - Seneschal


Announcements - Seneschal


Well, I'm certainly not going to be able to say I haven't done anything this week.. as some of you know, and other have seen the emails, i'm in the midst of a lot of things right now. I'm going to make a list for you all, so you can know what to expect :)

<li>Dossier ID-Lines will display properly, down to every medal/course/membership, etc!
<li>New EH medals will be added to the database (and will display on idlines :P) including the MoT, and the MoI
<li>You will no longer be able to specify a rank when recommending a promotion, the problem with it not knowing the order specific ranks has been solved.
<li>Enhanced mail outs with more information for medals,transfers,promotions,etc.
<li>Complete recode of the SA admin functions, allowing the HM to customize mails for course passing, promotion levels, and it will properly function with the new SA structure.
<li>Complete control over the priviledge of awarding medals, allowing control by position on who gets to award medals, which means no medal will go un-awarded.
<li>Position based security, which will introduce the ability for CONs/PCONs to post news.
<li>A "Remember ID" checkbox on the login page
<li>People requesting transfers/email/name/order changes will be required to enter a reason when submitting their request. Also, people will be limited to one of any type of request at a time.. no multiple transfer requests.
<li>Clan/House Summits will have increased control over battle teams, and their membership.

Well, there may be more than that, but heck... i can't even remember all the things i'm doing anymore.

Now, i've told you all what, i'm sure you're all curious as to when... :P
To answer that, I'd have to say some time mid to late next week. I'm almost through the coding of the new admin functions, and the rest is all easy, so it shouldn't take much longer, especially now that the most dificult of the functions, the SA admin, is now out of the way.

For the timebeing... if people could NOT send me a enhancement suggestion, i'd appreciate it, simply because at this point, I know it would get ignored! :)

That's enough for this week I think :)

DA Grail SoulChaser (Sith)/SCL</li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li></li>

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