Lost Tribe of the Sith E-Books


Lost Tribe of the Sith E-Books


Smoke has reminded me about this series of e-books that are published for free. The series relates to the early history of the "Lost Tribe of the Sith", who are currently a major part of the latest Star Wars novels.

You can download the stories at the Star Wars website (just scroll down a little). I also believe you can download them for free on any Kindle Device/app, and probably on other e-book devices.

Again, thanks to Smoke for sending me the link

DJM Halcyon Taldrya
Voice of the Brotherhood


Thanks to Halc and Smoke!

I downloaded all 6 of these and just printed them out for reading material later on. What I have read of the first book (yes they are small in comparison to most books at roughly 35+ pages) but its not a bad read, just wish they would do something more with the Republic Commando's/Arc Troopers/Clone Commanders then what they have so far.

Thanks Smoke and Halc, I've been looking for some additional Star Wars reading that doesn't depelete the cash supply.

And Smoke:I agree with you about the Republic (Imperial) Commandos/ARC Troopers, but don't get your hopes up. With Karen Traviss' ragequit, I don't think we'll be seeing much more of that, if at all :\

Yeah it will never happen, unless someone else takes up the mantle.

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