New LHoJ!


New LHoJ!

After reviewing the applications I received for Left Hand of Justice (of which there were quite a few!), I have finally come to a decision. Serving the Chamber of Justice as LHoJ for the next six months will be - Prelate Etah d'Tana!

Thank you to everyone who applied for the position, and a big thank you to Brujah, who has served as LHoJ for the past six months and did an excellent job. The next open positions in the Chamber of Justice will be for the Appeals Panel, followed shortly thereafter by RHoJ, so keep an eye out for those!

Well done Brujah on your work as LHoJ, and good luck Etah.

Thanks for all the great work Brujah! Welcome to the team, Etah!

Thanks! I'm looking forward to serving the Dark Brotherhood in a new capacity and taking part in Dark Brotherhood Jurisprudence.

Good on ya, Etah! Congrats!

Congrats Etah, and thanks to Kir, Shaz'air, and Alaris for the kind words!

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