Training Reminder


Training Reminder

Hello Everyone

Just a friendly reminder about Training days really, for those new to the club or unaware of training days, these are the days that we have assigned db members to help you learn and improve your skills on a platform approved game. The following Trainers are listed below:

Jeric – Reach Trainer

Jaecyn – StarCraft 2 (American Server) Trainer (Halo Reach Reserve Trainer)

Dante – Republic Commando Trainer and Battlefront 2 Trainer

Murtallica – Jedi Academy Trainer

JScumm - Empire At War, Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Trainer

Inarya - StarCraft 2 (Europian Server) Trainer

Kaira Rohana – Battlefront 2 Trainer

Rigar - Jedi Outcast Trainer

Quejo – Jedi Academy Trainer

Destavol – Jedi Academy Trainer

Now about the Training days, they are ran every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, so if you have the time jump on and catch one of my trainers, they are willing to help you at any chance they get and will be able to. I hope to see as many of you as possible participating in these training days, have fun and keep up gaming.

Magistrate to the Fist

Cethgus Entar

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