Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report


Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report

Eelysa Dravvad moved briskly across the office. Walking with the air of a woman who knew how to handle herself she did not show a sign of fear or anxiety about the person she was walking toward; Doubly so as she was about to wake him up for the third time this week.

"Sir. You need to get up. The Envoys from the Jusadih System will be arriving shortly," She said in a calm and firm voice while shaking the hunched figure slightly.

Xen'Mordin sat up with a start. Blinking rapidly his attempted to focus on his surroundings. He had fallen asleep at his desk once again, hunched over his work. He looked down at the notes he had been examining before sleep finally embraced him in the early hours.

Pages of notes involving Emperor Palpatine littered his desk. Palpatine was the house's name sake, and to truly move it forward, Palpatine was whom he had to know and understand. Somewhere along the line the house had lost its ideology. That was about to change. The Empire was about to reform.

"Jusadih you say? Jusadih... Oh. Yes. I see." Xen said as he stretched and stood up. "Thank you for waking me Eelysa. I will meet you there shortly to welcome our guests."

In this galaxy even an Empire needed allies.


Yes it is report time, to add to the wall of reports that have been released recently. I hope you all took the time to read over what has been released, but I will summarize some of that here. As I am sure many of you have noticed, there have been some changes going on here in the Brotherhood, and within the House. I am pretty excited about some of the things that are forthcoming and I hope you all will enjoy it.

Brotherhood News

Halcyon has been appointed as our new Deputy Grand Master. Halc has massive amounts of experience around the Brotherhood so I am sure he will do a wonderful job. Replacing him was VOICE is Vodo Biask who has lots of fiction experience has some great goals in unifying the fictional aspects of the Brotherhood. In another appointment Timeros has been selected to be the new Combat Master. Massive congratulations to all three of them and I am sure they will do great things to better this club.

Speaking of betterment, our long used and a bit outdated forums have finally received a much needed upgrade. This upgrade not only involved a change of the forum software but moving the servers to improve load times. You can find the updated forums here. This move also involved syncing with DB accounts. If you find using your normal DB password does not work to log on to the forums and you ARE registered. Hit the "Forgot Password" button there to reset it. Hopefully that will be the only hiccup you might experience in using the upgraded forums. Massive thanks to our Senschal Orv for handling the transfer and getting this set up for us.

One of the biggest things announced in the recent Grandmaster report was the upcoming Independence Games. These will kick off on Exodus Day, one of our few "holidays" here in the Brotherhood. Marking our clubs separation from the Emperor's Hammer. The IGs are a special kind of competition where each member is competing for themselves. It is a lot of fun, so I hope you all go out to participate in it.

House Appointments

After extending the deadline for Rollmaster Applications I finally received several very good applicants from which I could make a decision. I would like to congratulate Rayne on becoming our new RM. She has been a long standing members of the house and has worked a long time as BTL of Dorimad Sol, as well as various other leadership positions in the past. She has a very strong presence here in the house as well as having some fantastic ideas for the position. I would also like to thank everyone else who applied. The applications were fantastic and thank you for showing interest.

Because Rayne has stepped up as Rollmaster, this left her BTL position open. I have asked Reiden Karr to step up and take the reigns. Reiden has shown great interest in helping the house and I am really looking forward to seeing what he is going to do with this opportunity.


There is a long list of things I want to get done here in Scholae Palatinae. One of the first things I knew needed to get done was giving the Battleteams a clear direction and purpose. Up to now, each of the teams have been left to their own devices. While this worked slightly, I wanted each to contribute to the House in a different way. After talking to each of the BTLs about it, I decided to give each of a specific area of focus.

Dorimad Sol is now our "Training" Battleteam. This stands for RL as well as Fictionally. Any active Journeymen who are working toward their promotions up the ranks to DJK can request to be put in this team. The hope is with another focused group and layer of support for the Journeymen we can flood ample opportunity for Journeymen to achieve. With the added level of support there should be more then enough resources to go to for help.

Caliburnus is officially our fictional Intel Unit. For RL purposes, it serves as a fictional development team, specifically addressing further character development. Xantros has already been directing items in this regard and I am sure he will continue to give great support for those who want to develop their character further.

Nightstalkers is our "Elite" Battleteam. Geared for those with general high levels of activity it is home to some of our most active members. It also has the opportunity to help direct how the team is developed. Dante is very good at prodding members along, and those in this team are geared toward helping at the house level as well.

With these changes I am hoping that people can find the focus they are most interested in and that it gives members even more immersion into the House. As well I am hoping this makes things easier for the BTLs to run things, with a certain focus in mind.

Other Items

As a bit of a heads up I have been working on a rewrite of our House Prospectus. It was severely out of date and our house has developed to different styles and thoughts as well. This will be released on the wiki when I have it finished. This is the first step of my goal of revamping the support of House. My hope with this project is that it will be easier in the future for people to have a solid grasp on what HSP is and how it runs. I feel in many respects HSP has a lot of work to on its lore and wiki articles and that in the end it will make for a more immersive experience for you all.

A second point is that some of you may be aware that HSP is moving into a closer alliance with PLA. This is something I hope will provide even more fun and interesting ways for you all to participate. I am very excited to work more closely with Kal and his summit, and we are already working on our first joint item to gradually get the two houses into position for the alliance. HSP has had a long history of standing alone as much as possible and I hope to see this end. While this aspect will be geared fictionally and with different cross overs for you to enjoy, I would like to repeat a point I made in my first report. That of working together with all the houses. Competitive nature between houses is great, but hostile stances is damaging to everyone.

As well, being part sheep I have decided to open up my own Formspring account like so many other people have here. If you have any questions you want to ask me about the house, or about me personally, you can visit here. Some people have already found this and begun asking questions but now it is out there for you all. I look forward to seeing what you all are curious about in an anonymous fashion.

That is it for this time. There are still a lot of goals and ideas to accomplish. I truly want to see Scholae Palatinae succeed and that involves making each and everyone one of you love it and your time here in the brotherhood. As always, feel free to email me or hit me up on IRC. I love suggestions people make for the house and just chatting in general with people. We are a family here and I hope that each and everyone of you may be able to see me as a friend.

Take it easy and have fun,

Xen'Mordin Vismorsus

Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

Good report, Xen. I'm looking forward to seeing how your changes pan out!

Nice report, good way to focus the Battleteams. I'm looking forward to our interactions.

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