Wiki Migrated To New Server


Wiki Migrated To New Server

Just a heads up, I've moved the wiki to the new server and it is running much snappier now!

Additionally, now that we're on a Unix server, we can treat URLs much cleaner and in a Search Engine friendlier manner. Instead of URLs looking like this:

They will look like this:

It is important to note that this change will affect URLs that point to the wiki as the URL structure has changed. If you control links to the wiki, you'll need to do some updating. Sorry for the pain, but it will be worth it in the long run!

<span style="color:yellow;">ALSO NOTE:</span>

There were two images lost in the migration:

(Upload log); 20:29 . . Zeon (Talk | contribs | block) uploaded "File:Me Ja 2.jpg" ( { {Fairuse}} Category:Images-Characters)

(Upload log); 20:25 . . Zeon (Talk | contribs | block) uploaded "File:Meja2.jpg" ( { {Fairuse}} Category:Images-Characters)

Sorry about that, Zeon. :(

You broke my bookmarks! lol I kid

Running a lot faster, looks like I'll be able to turn down the gap between saves next time a run a bot :P

Wooo <3 Orv (apparently just <3 Orv isn't long enough for a comment)

Sweet! Now I may be able to answer more trivia questions in IRC :P Great work Orv.

It works great. Swift... Echt Hammer, sir...

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