Quick Wiki Update


Quick Wiki Update

-> ### Wiki Update <small>March 30th, 2011</small> <-

Hey all,

This quick little update is regarding uploading images, as well as the new domain. As many of you know, quite a while ago (under Tron, I believe it was) Image Categories were established to hold and sort the appropriate images. I wanted to let you know that as of this moment, the DJBWiki Staff will be enforcing exactly what the Upload Page says. If you fail to follow the steps that are clearly laid out on that page when uploading an image, the file will be deleted and you will be warned. After three warnings, you'll be banned for a day.

The instructions for uploading files are clear and concise. It's pretty bad if you fail to notice the big BOLD RED colour on the page. If you do... I apologize, and recommend you get your eyes checked. From this point forward, anyone who has NOT received a previous warning for uploading images correctly will be have a 'free-pass' on their first mistake (no strike will be added to your three on your user talk page). For those of you have already received a warning, you don't get a 'free-pass'. This 'free-pass' does not apply to any new members, as they should be following the instructions anyways.

Moving on! As Orv has shown us below, the DJBWiki has been moved to a new (and much faster) server. Any links to http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/wiki/ are now broken, and will instead lead you to a white page with a single line that tells you the new location. To avoid that, just go to http://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/ and all will be well. Update your bookmarks, and if you have the ability to, re-memorize the links.

If anyone has any trouble, please feel free to email a member of the DJBWiki Staff (CCing me, of course!) or email me directly. Thanks for reading!


His Honor,

**Anubis Annedu

<small>Wiki Tribune of the Dark Brotherhood,

Aedile of Taldryan</small>**

Sauberes arbeit, wie immer, sir...
Viel und dank... :)

If you suck badly at German, then don't post in German.

Get off me, please. Thank you.

Wenn Deine Hände größer sind als die von Hr. Ottonormalverbraucher, dann kann es schon mal passieren, dass Mann aus Versehen einen Buchstaben zuviel presst ;-)

Ich würde jedoch gerne wissen warum es für SIE überhaupt so wichtig war, wie korrekt meine Grammatik war, wenn es doch mehr um den Inhalt meines Kommentares geht.

Oh, and by the way: You would write the word "German" in your comment with a lower-case "g", not a capital one; signifying it as a word and not a name. Unless, of course, you 'were' writing it in deutsch(german). Then the rules change, all together. But, you weren't.

With all due respect, ma'am... Is this really what we're limiting ourselves to now? This announcement is to inform us of our Wiki's smooth migration. My comment, in english: "Clean work, as always, sir... Thank you very much." or "Good job, as always, sir... Thank you much."

'Suck badly' isn't even a proper term to define anything, it's an insult. If you can't effectively hide your animosity, at least show some maturity, ma'am. And, may Darkness guide you.

Please stick to English when making any comment or official announcements. That has generally been the policy in the DB as we are an English-based club, and it causes less headaches all around

...The beauty continues to trully manifest itself. I digress... English from me, from now on. And no insults, as usual... It would be nice if some of us understood our dossier quotes before posting them though. Oh yeah, but those 'are' in english. Just a thought, ma'am... And, my apologies, if my compliments to Master Annubis' good-job confused anyone. That was not my intention. Keep up the great work, sir... "May you all remain forever strong in the Force."

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