Codex Officially Moved To Wiki


Codex Officially Moved To Wiki

The Codex has actually been on the wiki for over a year, yet the links in our navigation menu and other locations have continued to point at the dated Codex. That time must come to an end. I've backed up the old Codex and will be removing it from the server.

The old Codex has served us well for many years...R.I.P. HTML-driven Codex.

Side note: I already know this will be an unpopular move in the eyes of some and I apologize for that. But we have to keep things moving forward.

The Wiki-based Codex can be found here:

Haters need to lay off the hateraid

/me hates on the haters

Yay for progression!

We could always just build a breakfast fortress to keep the haters out.

/me waits for someone to get the reference.

Saubere arbeit, wie immer, sir... Vielen-Dank! Let the haters try do somethin'bout it.


Nah - good move, man.


Nah - good move, man.

Nice job Orv, definitely is running smoother.

On a seprate note; Holy shit its Kaine! Waves

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