TOR Membership


TOR Membership

Greetings Everyone,

Quick update here. For those of you that are going to be taking part in our TOR Guilds, by the good graces of Orv (<3 Orv long time), he created a button on our Admin pages where you can add the [TOR] tag to your ID lines since you are partaking in the guild. This feature also has a built in roster so we can all see who is part of the TOR guild.

So, go on. Click the button. I dare you. :P

Hee-Hee, got there just in time to be the fourth to add it... :D Thanx, Orv...

Yay new things to ID Line :D

Fremoc lies. it's not on the bottom of my admin page. :P

I never said it was anywhere :P

It should be right under Gaming on the Admin section for everyone :)

I will TOR your buttons?

You cant handle the TOR!!!

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