New TOR Novel: Revan


New TOR Novel: Revan

Well, just saw this piece of news and thought I would share it. As the title says, there will be another TOR novel released (the third one after Fatal Alliance and Deceived). This novel will focus on the main character of the KoToR game, Revan!

You can find all of the details HERE as they have an interview with the author. I am really looking forward to this novel as it should explain what happened with Revan after the first game, as well as tying him into the TOR setting.

And I will buy it whenever I can. Thanks for the post, Halc.

I think I just...


Seriously, this is going on the top of my "things to buy" and "things to read" lists. Revan = teh bestest.

Revan FTW!

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