I can has appeal?


I can has appeal?

Yes you can.

I tried looking it up in the ACC, and there's really nothing stating it in the formal rules, so here's something about the ACC that our newer members (And I miiiiiiiiiight be stretching the definition of 'new' here) are possibly unaware of:

With a few exceptions, it is always possible to appeal any ACC match judgement. While us guys at the Staff are of course awesome beyond words (modest, too), we do occasionally slip up. As such, if you disagree with a Judgment, you've got the right to 'take it to the next level' and have a word with the Combat Master.

Currently, our 'send feedback to Judge' button on the website is broken, so, uh, don't use that. :P Send an email instead, to your opponent, the Combat Master, the DCM/VOICE, and the match Judge.

Of course, there's a few conditions involved. An important one: be timely. Seriously, it's a lot easier sorting these things out when you respond promptly. What is or isn't promptly enough depends on a lot of circumstances so I'm not gonna give you guys any clear-cut deadlines. You're big boys and girls. Just try be reasonable and it'll be just fine.

Secondly, be specific. If you think a Judgement is mistaken, don't just tell me "that Judge is stupid and ought to be fired". Doesn't work like that. Try to explain what, exactly, you think a Judge failed to account for in a Judgement, and what the Judge did take into account but got wrong.

Once the appeal's been sent to me I'll try to see what the merits of your appeal are and possibly decide to re-do the Judgment, possibly after a brief discussion with the Staff. If the appeal is against me, I'll hand it off to a senior Judge instead.

This concludes our weekend special on "neat and occasionally useful ACC things". Hope you enjoyed it.


EDIT: Forgot to mention what cannot be appealed. Mostly, that's just 'things not run by the general Brotherhood Staff, unless the competition runner agrees to let us'. We also don't take appeals for any competitions with massively nonstandard rules, since we'd have no clue how to apply them.

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