GM on Vacation


GM on Vacation

Vacation? What's that?

Right. My wife and I will be on vacation for the next two weeks in Ireland and Scotland. We may or may not have internet access during the trip, so it's not terribly likely that you'll see either of us on IRC. I should have limited email access, so flag stuff as 'Urgent' if it is. Halc and Kir will be in command for the duration. Halc also will be working to tie up the grading and awarding of the Independence Games, because he's cool and awesome like that.

I'll be back in the saddle on the 14th.

Try not to burn the place down. House parties are expected. Just don't break anything, or wreck the car.


A) I hope you two have fun.

B) I demand you try jaffa cakes.

C) I hope you didn't give out a phone number where you can be reached.

Why, Howie, you want the number? I don't really want to pay the international rates :/

Furthermore, have fun Muz!

Have fun Muz and Ash!

Naked fun!

Enjoy the vacation, however when you come back if Halc and Kir are duct tapped in a compromising position in your office, dont blame us :)

House parties? Pfft, it's all about the clan parties in Arcona!


ie. Have a good vacation you two. And don't worry about us...we should still be here when you get back :P

No no. There are stories about a certain German calling Jac about something DB related on vacation - and I don't want that to happen to Muz or Ash. :P


Have fun, you two. Let me know how Ireland is, I had a blast living there.

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