Taldryan: Aedile, Battleteam Leader and Rollmaster Applications


Taldryan: Aedile, Battleteam Leader and Rollmaster Applications

If you haven't already, go read the Herald's and Voice's posts! Then come back and read this.

Brothers and Sisters,

As some of you may have noticed, our beloved Aedile and friend Anubis has stepped down from the position of Aedile of Taldryan, and Wiki Tribune of the Brotherhood. His schedule has been steadily become more and more hectic, so we’ve been hard pressed to see his gorgeous face around these parts as of late. As such, our brother has been relieved from his position. It takes a lot to notice when your time has been met, and Anubis took it like a champ.

Now, since both the Rollmaster position and Battleteam Leader positions are already open, I’ve made the decision to make an open general application period, including the newly vacant Aedile position. This will work as such: I’ve displayed what I’m looking for in both the BTL and RM positions. The Aedile position should have what both of those positions have put together. I’m not expecting you to meet every requirement on both bills; you’ll just have extra brownie points if you do. When you apply, state which position(s) that you’re applying for, and I’ll consider each one I receive for each position that is open. You may be applying for the BTL position, but I may find that your qualities are much more suited for the Aedile position.

As of now, there is no rank requirement for the position of Battleteam Leader or Aedile. The rank requirement for the Rollmaster position is still at DJK or higher, though.

Let me go over real quick what the criteria for the Aedile of Taldryan are. This position is the most serious position out of all of the 3 positions that are open in Taldryan. While both the Rollmaster and the Battleteam Leader spots are crucial, the Aedile position is exceedingly important, especially for Taldryan’s current situation. The Aedile is the second in-command, and by all rights has a large say in what goes on in the House. Whoever is chosen to be the Aedile of Taldryan will have a lot of work cut out for them. Consider this position a QUA in training.

I’m looking for a perfect candidate, so give me all you got! Ideas for Fiction, new Policies for Taldryan, more flavors of soda in the vending machines; include it all! I want to know what you have to offer for this position. I’ll be receiving all applications to myself ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) until the 24th (BTL and RM apps extended), or until all of the positions are full.

Once again, the requirements for the positions are as follows:

*Battelteam Leader of Phoenix: *
I: Email Turnaround of 24-48 hours
II: Must be capable (And willing) of maintaining an Activity Tracking Record (ATR) for review at the end of each month
III: You must know your way around the DJB.com site as well as having a good understanding on how the DB/leadership structure works

I am not looking for a super human, but I am looking for someone with very strong ideas, morals and is willing to work with a strong ethic. This is not the time to play or beat around the bush. You will be entrusted with some of Taldryans most active members, and I will not give such a position away lightly.

You will be expected to: Run organized competitions, write and publish Bi-weekly reports to your unit, maintain constant communication between yourself and your Aedile on the status of your BT, and of course, an IRC presence; the stronger the better.
I am also looking for someone who will be interested in learning/continuing the rich story of the Phoenix Phyle.

Requirements for Rollmaster of Taldryan:
I: Minimum Rank of DJK - This position will need to be filled by someone who has already made their way through the trial of DJK. It is not only practical for the reasons that they have worked their way through those same trials, but so that they will not have any requirements to have to work through themselves. You will be working with members at various ranks, from an Eq3 who is Mastering an Apprentice, to the newest Apprentice.

II: Must be active on IRC (whether now or in the future). This position requires a heavy activity rate on IRC. Members need more than just seeing your name on an email, they need to be able to relate to you at various levels of communication. Without IRC, a leader cannot work near to the potential that they have.

III: Must have a high-understanding of how the DJB works on all fronts. Emphasizing yet again on experience and knowledge, this coincides with the requirement of DJK. You need to know your DJB facts, news and way around the websites. You don't need to be perfect at taking SA exams, but you do need to know the basics of how they're run and who to go to in the incident that you need to correct something, as an example.

IV: Must have a fast email turn-around and must be willing to work with all members - new and old. That last part is recapping on all of the prior requirements. You will be required to work with various types of members. With that, it is extremely important that you are quick to respond to all emails.

What you can expect to do in the Rollmaster position:

a: Run and maintain the Master/Student Program in Taldryan
b: Maintain Journeymen ATR
c: Work closely with the Tal Summit on future Tal happenings
d: Run standard competitions in the House, and to Journeymen respectfully
e: Be focused on elevating the Journeymen in Taldryan

Again, all applications need to be sent directly to me, at ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). If there are any questions, by all means either tag me on IRC, and shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s interested in either of these positions. These positions are open to anyone who’s willing to apply; whether you’re in Taldryan or not. If you are an applicant from another House or Clan, please don’t forget to Cc’ your Summit!


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