Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report


Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report

The holomap of space controlled by the Brotherhood illuminated the room. At its center stood Xen'Mordin whose glossy eyes gave way he was deep in thought. A familiar hiss disturbed his thoughts as the door the room slide open. Outlined by the light behind him, Archangel entered the room.

"We weren't expecting you back from the hunting trip so soon. I guess a certain piece of news finally reached your ears." The Aedile spoke softly. Xen nodded and then pointed to a section of the map. "The Orian System. I have no desire to ever send a single fighter there, yet with another former Housemate dead at the hands of the Sadows..." Xen trailed off. Memories of Lord Ashen's strict orders still rang through his head. "It is like the Grandmaster wants me to break his command. I may be Emperor here, but Emperors can be easily over thrown if the people demand it. I do not need any more enemies in the house than I already do," He finished.

Arch stared at the Quaestor for a moment before speaking, "I honestly think you are more mad because Lord Ashen didn't choose you for this one." Xen glared back.

"True as that may be, it also would have solved a lot of problems. Have the ships returned back from their little venture to the Sadows?" Xen asked.


"See to it that we fortify our defenses. Last thing I need is a war we can't handle to fight."


Eelysa Dravvad walked calmly over to the stewing Quaestor. She noted the bags under his eyes and made a mental note to make sure to put something extra in his drink tonight so he would sleep. Letting the Emperor die of exhaustion wouldn't look good on her file.

"The team is away and the operation has begun. It appears teams for Plagueis and Revan have also arrived." She said calmly. Xen's head snapped to look at her.

"We have an alliance with Plagueis and I've been working to better our relations to Revan and we send Thran to interact with them? We might as well sign the war declaration right now." Eelysa shook her head as Xen'Mordin spoke.

"I am sure things will turn out well, and our relations with both Plagueis and Revan will be stronger than ever when this is done. Have a little faith sir." With that she turned and left the room.

Greetings again Scholae Palatinae! I know its been longer than it should have been for this, but here it is! We have finally had some big things that have been worked on over the past few months come out and begin. It is all very exciting and I am eager to continue working on improving this house even more. We have a long road ahead of us if we want to return to Clanhood, but I assure you all it is worth the effort and work required to get there. Scholae Palatinae is capable of great things, and it is time we show our worth.

First the BIG news is that we are once again under Order 66, or the AWOL check for those of you who don't know. This is VERY important and it is highly critical you respond to the email sent to you by Korras if you want to remain in the DJB. Make sure you hit Reply All so we, the Summit, also know you are planning on staying around. Also, should you not have received this email yet, please check your Junk/Spam folder on your email to see if it got filtered there. If it isn't there, please give it a few days and check again. Then contact Korras about it.

We also had a few major fiction updates recently, furthering the relationships between the Clans/Houses of the DB. Vodo is doing an excellent job with these and I urge you all to check them out. They are very interesting.

Shikyo has released a new Herald report which talks more about the possession system (SHIPS OMG) as well as shows off the new order specific robes and sabers they decided to put out. They are pure sexiness so I hope you all go check that out as well.

Finally we have a new Wiki Tribune, Benevolent, who is going to do an awesome job with the wiki. Congrats to him.

Several things I want to highlight on the house front. The first is that after a long wait, I have finally uploaded the new House Prospectus. I hope you all go check it out. It took a lot of work and is still in the process of being updated (The Military section is in big need of an update, which Dante is working on) and that is because it is suppose to be a living document. The most important thing is it accurately reflects the fictional workings of the house far more than the previous prospectus. I hope you all enjoy it.

The second big thing is that our Joint Runon with Plagueis and Revan is indeed finally underway, with week 2 finally starting. There has been some incredible posts so far in it, and I look forward to continuing to see how this goes. I hope you all can take a moment and check it out here.

Finally after months of us as a summit talking about it, we have changed the House Motto. Our old motto was long, hard to remember and never really served any purpose. I want to give massive thanks to both our very own Thran, and Kal from Plagueis for bring our new motto to life. It is short, simple and most importantly reflects the major push to reflect everything in the house back to Palpatine and the Empire. For this our new motto is: For the Empire!

I'll end this here, keeping it short and too the point. My goal is to be able to make Scholae Palatinae the fun place you deserve it to be. As always if there is anything you want to see competition wise, please let us know. If you have ANY concerns or comments or questions please don't hesitate to ask. We don't bite. Hard. As well remember to check out My Formspring Page for any questions you have that you wish to stay anonymous. Have a great week everyone.

For the Empire!

Xen'Mordin Vismorsus

Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

The new motto is indeed great!


Nice report, Xen. Also, great work on your new Prospectus!

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