House Odan-Urr Quaestor Applications


House Odan-Urr Quaestor Applications

Due to recent real-life developments, Ji has had to step down from Quaestor of House Odan-Urr. This was his project, and so far, it's been an difficult, albeit interesting one. Ji has been visionary in this regard, and the work he has put in is exemplary. Thank you, Ji.

With all the work that has gone into the House, Halc and I have decided to open up applications to find his successor.

This is no mean task. Playing as a general foil to the Brotherhood at large is a pretty big task, as is taking the reigns of a new house from its progenitor. These are extenuating circumstances above and beyond the challenges that leading a House in the modern Dark Brotherhood offer, and will require someone special to be able to fill these shoes.

If you're looking for a play-by-play on how to apply, you can find a Quaestor's duties on the Wikipedia, and details on how to make a solid application through the leadership exams on the Shadow Academy. I expect a tactical analysis on the house as it sits, as well as a 30-60-90 day strategic plan on how to take it to the next level.

It should go without saying, but any successful applicant will need to be playing a grey/light Jedi or create an alternate character (setting the old darksider character aside) for the time they serve on Odan-Urr's summit.

This is a high-profile position, and work in this position has the potential to net a lot of awards and promotions.

Applications will be acceped until August 1st, 2011, so as to give the new Quaestor enough time to hunker down for the coming GJW.

Good luck.

GM Muz Ashen (Krath)/GM/Dark Council
The Lion of Tarthos

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