Star Wars Novel/Comic Update


Star Wars Novel/Comic Update


With all of this news about The Old Republic and gaming, I thought it was time to update everyone on some new book and comic news.

Star Wars Comics goes Digital

Dark Horse comics, the publisher of the Star Wars comics, has finally begun to add their SW collection to their digital distrubution system. Dark Horse Digital has an app for iphone/itcouh/iPad and it can be accessed through your PC. They are currently making an app for Android users. Some of the SW titles they are currently offering are below, but more will be added over time.

Legacy: War (issues #1 thru #6)

Crimson Empire (issues #1 thru #6)

Darth Vader & the Lost Command (issues #1 thru #5)

Episode IV: A New Hope (issues #1 thru #6)

Jedi: The Dark Side (issue #1)

Knight Errant: Aflame (issues #1 thru #5)

Knights of the Old Republic (issues #1 thru #6)

The Clone Wars (issues #1 thru #9)

The Old Republic (issues #1 thru #6)

Cover to The Old Republic:Revan

The official cover to the novel about Revan, and his time after the original KotOR game has been released

Yes, green is badass :P

New Lost Tribe of Sith

There has been a series of short stories released, for free, revolving aroud the Lost Tribe of the Sith. The latest story has been released and you can read it here. I haven't had a chance to read this series yet, but you can't go wrong with the price.

New Wraith Squadron Novel

My personal favorite series of SW novels are the various X-Wing novels revolving around Rogue and Wraith Squadron. A new Wraith Squadron novel has been announced, with it being titled Mercy Kill. It appears to revolve around the current Fate of the Jedi timeline, but also jumps back in time to explain some of the Wraith's earlier mission. Very much looking forward to this one!

Choices of One Released

The latest novel from Timothy Zahn, Choices of One has been officially released in hardcover and on various ebook devices. The story is a continuation of his previous novel, Allegiance and once again deals with some very early missions in the life of Mara Jade and her time as the Emperor's Hand. If anyone has read it already let me know how it is!

DJM Halcyon Taldrya

Deputy Grand Master

Hiya with kazumi. I downloaded it now and shared it to my facebook.:)

Agreed. Green lightsabers are badass.

Red/Purple, dammit.

But I'll grudgingly admit that I'd accept green as an awesome color if they make it canon.

But srsly. Red/purple.

It's on the cover of a book, I think it's canon ;)

Why does Revan look like he has a pounch? Too much cake and icecream? <3 Revan. And for what it's worth, I used a Viridian color blade in KotOR II. <3

The Emperor's probably just killed the Exile and it's her lightsaber :P

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