[TOR] Guild Phase 2 has begun


[TOR] Guild Phase 2 has begun

Greetings all,

Today Bioware unleashed the Phase 2 portion of their guild system. What does this mean for us? We are able to send emails to our friends to recruit them into our guild, but we are also able to make other guilds allies and adversaries.

Our Ally:

The Emperor's Hammer

Our Adversaries:

Knights of Odan Urr (aka our Republic Guild)

Rebel Squadrons

Hopefully with all of us clustered, we will be placed on the same server.

Thanks for your time.


P.S. Vodo I love the fiction <3

The Hammer? Oh boy, blast from the past. Still, looks interesting and pretty snazzy.

Anybody knows the name of the server we ll join? or will we know it after the game start ?

(im almost sure that there ll be a server called Tatouine.... hehe i can feel it in the force)

We'll find out when they tell us.

Fremoc, did that group ever get with you abut forming an alliance?

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