Bounty on Odan-Urr


Bounty on Odan-Urr

As preparations raged on across the Dark Brotherhood systems a priority message appeared on all their screens. From every part of the galaxy the familiar image of the Deputy Grand Master appeared.

This will be short, as you all have much to contend with. It is not just defeat that is being looked for. No, it is absolute dominance that must be achieved, so that those of the light know where they stand. A bounty has been placed on every light jedi on New Tython. Two thousand credits for each lightsaber brought to the Dark Council. He or she who has collected the most enemy sabers shall be honoured above all others. Go now and be prepared. New Tython shall burn beneath our heel

The image left as quickly as it had came. Word quickly spread of the bounty. There would be nothing left of Odan-Urr should they have their way.

Yikes! I think it's time to: RUN FOR THE HILLS!

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