CGI Error Work-Around


CGI Error Work-Around

I know the CGI errors that continue to pop up is an issue with a lot of people, and Celahir has come up with a little fix. Much <3 to him!

Take it away, Cel!

Hey all,

For those needing to check out a member their dossier, and being tortured with a CGI error. It seems I have found a work-around for this, I haven't tested it on a lot of dossiers, but for now it seems worth a try.

When you find a dossier that gives you a CGI error like this one:

simply add &show=sheet to it like so:

This will display the character sheet, but also allow you to view the rest of the dossier.

With love,


you know thats great and all but it would be lovely if a fix was found for the Odan-Urr Roster page. I cant bring up our rostor at all. It would be nice to be able to see that page to be able to see email addresses just so that I as rollmaster can do a better job.

I'm sorry Kaira, there's not a lot I can do, although for now try this link:


Also, to make that more readable, simply right click and view-source (or ctrl-u in chrome and firefox at least).

Way to be rude, Kaira. Usually you leave that to assholes like me. Next time someone tries to help, try not to jump down their throats with issues that are clearly beyond their control, you ungrateful hack. I'm looking for you on the field.

I thought it was a known problem I am sorry for the way I worded that I wasnt trying to be rude.

.< Hey Celahir, can we arrange for Sashar's House and Clan roster pages to have the same problem? There's a lot of imaginary prizes on offer :)

Heh, I've spoken to both Dash and Kaira, and all is good. So let's just leave it at that. All I expect now are nice and loving comments!


The funny part is that Elleron asked Celahir - who is in Arcona and House Galeres - to glitch Arcona and Galeres' pages. :P

Oh, wait, loving comments? Get me a bottle of cider and then we'll talk.

Not to mention that both Sashar and Celahir (and me!) have Erinos in their names. :P

But very nicely done Cel, now we know why you're the P:SCL beyond a shadow of a doubt! :D

you sexy man you

I blame the cider! ...course I was doing tequila shots, but cider it is!

w00t! Give the man a GC, I say! :P

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