A Good Day to Bryar Hard


A Good Day to Bryar Hard

This is on behalf of Jedi Hunter Rigar Ulrand who is running this years Bryar Bowl

Hey everyone, time to Bryar your hearts out because it's Bryar Bowl time!

Now most of you already know what the Bryar Bowl is, but those of you who don't the bryar bowl is where competitors from all over the DJB will fight over the crown of the Bryar Pimp in Jedi Outcast. But pray you got what it takes in the finals or you will be forever known as the one who just didn't have the guts.

Sign ups shall be held within the Comments of this news post below, and all are welcome to put there name in the hat and participate.

The Bryar bowl will begin on the 2nd of November, which is when we will post the ladder details, so dust off your pistols, ready your resolve the Bryar Bowl is on!

Click here for a link to the competition details.

i'll be the first!

I shall Bryar Hard.

Sign me up.

Oui, sign me up, laddy!

Woo. Put me on the list

Sign me up also.

I'm in

Sign me up

Count me in!

Please sign me up. Thnx!!!

Yeah, I'll give this a go

I will Bryar as hard as I possibly can!

Do I even have to sign up for this? :P Of course I'm in Sid.

Pew Pew, motherfu&%$#s

I'm in!

Sign me up please

I sign up too...

Might as well join in the fun and get myself blown away.

Stang, I don't have access to Jedi Outcast. :( But I'll root for my house members.

I'll dance. I'll also Bryar hard, just to make sure you guys get the 16+.

Alrighty guys and gals, Sign ups are over. Here are you match-ups for Round 1 of the Bryar Bowl:

Baron vs. Kazumi

Shadow vs. Andrelous

Dante vs. Blarex

Sidarace vs. Kiritea

Ben vs. Halcyon

Frosty vs. Raiju

Fremoc vs. Teu

Chaosrain vs. Gobhainn

Dox vs. Kael

Good luck to all 18 competitors, go Bryar your hearts out.

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