GJW X: ACC Results


GJW X: ACC Results

Ok folks, this was the last event that we graded. Full results should be out either tonight or tomorrow at the very latest

1st - Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae (ARC)
2nd - Sashar Erinos Arconae (ARC)
3rd - Invictus (ARC)
4th - Socorra (ARC)
T-5th - Manji Keibatsu Sadow (CNS)
T-5th - Guinevere Deschain (HOU)
7th - Marick Del`Abbot (ARC)
8th - Xathia Vahillus (ARC)
9th - Arcadian (PLA)
10th - Macron Goura Sadow (CNS)


ARC - 14
CNS - 6
HOU - 4
PLA - 2
IHR - 0
HSP - 4
TAL - 4
TAR - 1

Note: As per the rule, to be counted for participation you needed to have at least 1 positive point

*you have joined #arconatopsecretplanningcompound <strategos> tim <strategos> email <strategos> c teh team gaming scorez??? <strategos> we = top 3 <timeros> OMG WTF <timeros> hax <cethgus> lawl <cethgus> we pwn <cethgus> Arcona gaming = r0xx0rs <strategos> too bad u cant do that for us @ ACC :P <timeros> ...BBL. *disconnected.

That's what happens when you provoke me, Strat. :P</timeros></strategos></cethgus></cethgus></cethgus></timeros></timeros></strategos></strategos></strategos></strategos>

...Meh. Turns out, IRC conversations don't c/p? So, uhm, retry. :P

you have joined #arconatopsecretplanningcompound Strategos: tim Strategos: email Strategos: c teh team gaming scorez??? Strategos: we = top 3 Timeros: OMG WTF Timeros: hax Cethgus: lawl Cethgus: we pwn Cethgus: Arcona gaming = r0xx0rs Strategos: too bad u cant do that for us @ ACC :P Timeros: ...BBL. *disconnected

And modest, you forgot to add that to the list. :P

This is what happens when I don't participate! :P

Congrats all! Also, a slight update to the standings as I messed up on one score. It doesn't affect the top 3 however.

Feel free to resign and participate next time. :P

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