SWTOR Beta Testing this Weekend!!


SWTOR Beta Testing this Weekend!!

Earlier today, Novemeber 9th, multiple testing invites went out across North America for beta testing between November 11th and 13th. Now, many may have not received an email towards this, however as I know from my past two rounds of beta testing, this may just be an accident. If you go to SWTOR Tester, you can manually check to see any previous or current testing invite status.

Also, if you have been selected for testing, make sure to join up with the rest of us in the Ventrilo server! :D

Vent IP: vent25.gameservers.com
Port: 4422
Password: djbrulez1

~Special Note, this is a big download for the testing client, make sure to start it early!!!~

Araxis Pepoi Farron,
Praetor to the Fist

You also have to be 18 or older to test the game out. :( Stupid law...

I responded back to the email Fremoc sent out, but:

Are we allowed to make a Ventrilo/Teamspeak chat, so we can chat with each other while we test? No. We do understand that voice chat helps facilitate communication with other testers, but it's important that we are able to gather as much feedback as we can. This includes player discussions - even though they may not seem relevant, your conversations could hold important feedback. By refraining from using voice chat programs, you help us gather as much data as possible.

Copied from their Welcome/FAQ forum thread.

I know multiple people who've done one of two rounds of testing that use Vent to chat amongst themselves. Whats key to remember is if you feel like something you've said can somehow impact the game, to post it on the testers forums. Outside of that, not using voice chat while playing with friends is just silly imho :)

You can use vent, but YOU CANT DISCUSS THE GAME. Just keep it non game related and its fine.

Was overjoyed when I received the Beta invite today. I'll catch you guys on the server tomorrow.

Can someone mail me the url for the client plz ? I got the invite but I can't find mention of the client. I checked my spam folder and it's not there either..


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