Herald Style Hanukkah Begins


Herald Style Hanukkah Begins

It's that time of year.

Herald Style Hanukkah is a Brotherhood tradition of giving the members more and more stuff to pretty up their dossiers over the holiday season. It's put on by the Herald, his staff and former Heralds (that'd be me).

Normally, Shikyo would be announcing the start of this, but seeing as he's at sea for his deployment without real access to the website, I'm pitching in for him.

Today's goodies include a 'robe' uniform set, named the 'Academy', crafted by Shikyo and available to everyone for use on their dossiers.

We also have a killer lightsaber, this one from Ekeia's workshop. This one is called the 'Brood' and is available for any member who has been knighted.

Keep your eyes peeled for more cool presents that will be arriving.

Have fun!


The Academy robe is legit!!! Especially in Cloak mode. Awesome work!!!

Halloo. Ad\nd m\to me. Please give me the Academy outfit :D

Fantastic work, Shik and Ekeia! I can't wait to see what else we get to unwrap.

Kazumi: Like all robes, you can select the Academy Robes on your administration page. Please proofread your posts so that we don't have to make sense of things like "adnd mto."

Okee Eiko thank you :)

I jus'got back and leftover holiday goodies already? You keedin'mee, I'm robbing you!

I feel like BoB from Monsters vs. Aliens, when he put one of the Galactar uniforms! XD

Great freakin' work, folks!... Giggidy! And thanks!!!

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