Day Three of Herald Style Hanukkah


Day Three of Herald Style Hanukkah

Goooooooooooood morning Brotherhood!

Live from the Pacific Ocean, I have found some spots of connectivity to bring you guys the third day of Herald Style Hanukkah! Please keep in mind that due to the time difference, the robes and sabers may or may not be accessible as the post goes up. Now, let’s get to the sexiness!

Inspired by robe designs from The Old Republic and crafted by Praetor, Ekeia Iclo, we bring the ladies a form-fitting yet respectable design in the Hurricane robes.

Crafted by myself and inspired by the original lightsaber held by Satele Shan, I give the members who have received the rank of Dark Jedi Knight or higher with the Survivor lightsaber.

In case you couldn't guess it, today's theme is The Old Republic to herald snicker the release of the video game we've all been officially waiting for. I hope you all enjoy today's gifts and look forward to more sexiness on the horizon!

-DA Shikyo Keibatsu Sadow

Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

You and I have different views on the meaning of respectable ;) Tho have to say I love the robes!

better robes and saber. yesterday's both seemed to berge on the Slut end of the spectrum.

*verge, as well.

Tarax complaining about sluts? Madness.

The lighter isn't showing up on the lightsaber creation tool. Should I wait and try again later?

I wipe the sleep from my eyes and see where it says that they might not be up until later lol I shouldn't get up so early :P

This is a very nice one too. Love it!

Does "inspired by the Old Republic" mean "all the chicks in SWTOR are busty and that should set a precedent"?

Yes, Jac. all the women in SWTOR are busty and should set a precedent. :p

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