Day Six of Herald Style Hanukkah


Day Six of Herald Style Hanukkah

Goooooooooooood morning Brotherhood!

Live from the Pacific Ocean, I have found some spots of connectivity to bring you guys the sixth day of Herald Style Hanukkah! Please keep in mind that due to the time difference, the robes and sabers may or may not be accessible as the post goes up. Now, let's get to the sexiness!

As a tribute to the original members of the Triumvirate, Grand Master Muz Ashen has designed three sets of robes for each Order, representing the characteristics and personalities of each Star Chamber member. Today's robe is based off one of the sorceress Tiamat's dresses she owned, engraved in runes and emblems used in Krath sorcery. This form-fitting dress is available to all Krath females eligible for Order-only robes.

Following the theme of the Krath, I have crafted a weapon that combines the mechanical intricacies of lightsaber design with a most fierce weapon used by the highest skilled assassins of ancient days. For the enjoyment of the Brotherhood, I present the Shadow lightsaber for all Knights or higher ranked members.

Today, the theme is obviously Krath. Again when I was looking at arranging the items for release, I didn't realize the items would actually be close to a theme so I'm liking how this is turning out. For Christmas Eve, we will be continuing the Order-influenced goodies with the Obelisk. I hope you all enjoy today's gifts and look forward to more sexiness on the horizon!

-DA Shikyo Keibatsu Sadow

Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

... and no one cheers for the Krathy-stuff. =P

I'm diggin' that hilt, Shik. It's got a nice touch of classy meets brutal. I like the guard near the top of the hilt, too. Gives it a sword-feel.

I think for that, we delete the Obelisk stuff. :p

I think people are to busy nerdgasming over how low cut that dress is lol

And the women members of the DB complain about not having "appropriate" robes.

If they don't want this, what DO they want? granny-panties? maternity pants? Fo reelz, yo. That's one bitchin' good robe.

The saber's OK too, I guess. :P

I agree with Tarax!! No more complaints from the female populace! :P

Great work on both, Shik; looking forward to seeing the Obbie stuff..(just ignore Shaz'air :P)

these robes make me want to dress myself as a woman lol

Ooooh, now that I like lots.... good job :)

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