Consul Report Three


Consul Report Three

CNS Consul Report Three

Welcome to edition three of Ye Olde Consul Report. All in all, things are darn good. Awards, promotions, and activity are really on an upswing, so hats off to my fellow Clan Naga Sadow folks. Operation Sadow Dominance continues to gain steam.

Biggest news is of course- ToR! I have seen a banthabuttload of Clusters of Fire and pendants, and even a few promotions for Journeymen based on ToR participation. What a good idea to reward people for that, thanks Fist! And our ranks have grown as well, so welcome to all the new ToR players that have joined us. You’re in a good place, welcome aboard!

Transfers and appointments:

Congratulations to Tsingtao on becoming Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan.

Joining us are: Kairus, Omarudyne, Dark Eyes, Dallas Kaige, Zaron, Redec Livan, Kalia, Atra Ventrus, Korwyn Locke, Loneseeker 00, JaycenHord, Scorn, Feanix, and Coop Ter-An.

Welcome back to Joseem and Ashura! We missed you guys. Teu is on leave but should be back soon.


ACO Korwyn Locke, ACO Redec Livan, NOV Omarudyne, NOV Kalia, GRD Waldron Ravenblade, OT Roxas Buurenaar (woot!) NOV Lashnya, GRD Cyril Nighthunter, ACO Scorn, NOV Phoenix.

Medals awarded:

Araxis CoFs, Arturis- CoFs, Bal Demona- CrT, LoS, CoFs, CrQ, Bob-DC, CrT x2, CrA, CrE, Dyrra CoFs, Joseem CoFs, LoS, Kalei- LoS, CrE, Lashnya CoFs, Manji CoFs, Methyas CoFs, LoS x2, Mirado- SC , CoF, Raistlin CoFs, Redec CoFs, Roxas- SC , Scorn CoFs, DC, Sildrin CoFs, Teu CoFs, Tiamath LoS, PoB x4, CoFs, CrE, Tiberius CrT, Tsingtao CoFs, LoS x2, Waldron CrS, CrA, CrT, DC, CoF

That my friends is some very tasty soup. I’m beginning to see motivation and hunger for more from you guys. Excellent. Believe you me, I enjoy tallying up all that goodness. Stay sharp. Stay on target….

What have we done:

Held another rather helpful Conclave, began updates on the wiki timeline for the Clan, launched a successful developmental runon, ran several comps, began an update of our mailing list, and dealt with the massively welcome influx of ToR folks. With Teu on leave, I stepped into the role of welcoming people and adding them to the groups myself as well as overseeing the Master Student Program. The winning graphics from Scenes at onyx two were added to the official wiki page for the Space Station! Gratz Waldron and Kalei. As well, grouchy old Xanos continues to work on the Clan History update. Bob’s Trivia competition has proven very popular with many Legions of the Scholar awarded.

Master Student Program:

Is currently being updated. Congratulations to two new pairings, myself and Coop Ter-An, and Jeric and Korwyn Locke. If they survive… muah ha ha! Korwyn has already earned a promotion under Jeric’s guidance. If you are interested, drop Teu and I an email.

Coming up:

More competitions…. More everything once the Holidays are over. I hear some good things coming from the team as far as House Shar Dakhan’s identity goes with Tsingtao leading. We are chatting with Ashia about possible doing something with Taldryan in the future. Also I plan to have a Clan summit meeting soon to drive some new ideas as far as competitions go, with the focus on seeing if we can do DB-wide ones like the Ultimate Enemy collaboration with The Voice and Wiki Tribune. Also we will be delineating duties more clearly to streamline things.

Running Competitions:

Pimp My Ride (CNS)

First Days (CNS)

Doom Train 2 (CNS)

Worldwreckers (CNS)

Ultimate Enemy (entire DJB)

Men of the Brotherhood calendar (entire DJB)

Women of the Brotherhood calendar (entire DJB)

And from the Fist:

BF2 Slappage

Curbstomp the Gamers 2

Starcraft 2 Skirmish

In the meantime, enjoy your ToR and give ‘em Hell for us. I don’t always drink, but when I do, I prefer my enemies blood. And a bottle o’ Sadow.

For Sadow,

Consul Macron Goura Sadow

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