Calling ToR members


Calling ToR members

On New years day, we're going to have some fun on ToR. The Grandmaster himself has acquired a new computer to run The Old Republic.

An idea was brought up to myself and several others, was the thought of powering Muz through his story with 16 other higher level members ala GMRG style, and getting him his legacy title, Lord, and the almighty grail his Darth title.

If your interested, be on the ventrilo server on Sunday Jan 1st after you've shaken your hangover from your New Years party. ;)

Also, click here for all info pertaining to the ToR guild , and don't be afraid to ask an officer, community helper, or myself for help on anything or to even help you get your legacy title.


It took me 2 days and 4 hours to get Lord...surely our GM can do better.

Sounds fun. I've got a level 50 BH ready to pledge to the cause.

Your grammar is horrible, Fremoc. Please fix that. :P

Good gracious, why would you want to power level through tor? I'm only up to 45 right now and I feel like I've been rushing through the story.

It's too good for power levelling.

We're not power leveling Muz, we're just following the main quest line with him and assist as needed

But... but then I won't be the most high-level Keibatsu on TOR! Booooo on this idea :P

Also, I would like to help, but odds are that I'll be spending all of New Year's Day either a) drunk or b) at a hockey match, so the amount of assistance I can give is limited. I'll be cheering from the sidelines though! :P

If I get my copy before New Years, and you're all willing to put up with another new player in the party, I think this sounds like a fantastic event.

alsa i have to work! but ill be there in spirt!

Fixed the main page so the Wiki Information page is linked under the guild banner

Muchos Gracias Jac <3

I kind of agree with earlier sentiments. This is a bad idea for the following reasons: 1) Muz will miss out on a ton of experience from the class quest missions (even if he gets the reward experience, he gets jack from killing mobs because of all the 50s surrounding him) 2) The story is rendered meaningless and then he just has to go BACK to all the worlds he already completed (probably missing some entirely due to having outleveled places like Balmorra)

I know I wouldn't enjoy the game nearly as much if I raced through a story just for a little title I would eventually get anyway.

Why don't we all just pool credits and buy / make him some epic-ass gear for when he turns 50?


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