Ekeia = Krath Epis!


Ekeia = Krath Epis!


I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate my Praetor, Ekeia Iclo, on her ascention to the rank of Krath Epis on behalf of myself, the Shadow Academy, the Fist's Office, and House Taldryan. Please take a moment to congratulate her on this accomplishment!

Great job, Ekeia!

Congrats Ekeia! Well deserved :)

Congrats Ekeia :)

Congrats Ekeia :)

Congrats Ekeia!

Ravenblade bows before Ekeia !

Congrats Keia!

Congratulations Ekeia! Welcome to the realm of ZOMGAWESOME EQ3! =D Now... are you gonna create your Eq3 saber? =P

Hey I day to you again congratulation allhowel I said to you in irc. Have a nice pleasure. Great work.

Thanks all :)

Way to go, Keia! Congrats!!!

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