Master/student administration stuff


Master/student administration stuff

Thanks to some clever ideas from Timeros, there now is a way for summit members to administrate master/student pairs. Every house, clan and battle team leader, as well as all rollmasters should have the option to administer the masters for any members blow DJK they command.

The following features are currently implemented:
- Student dossiers include a line indicating their master, and master dossiers show their students.
- Edit 2/24: Master/student pairs will not automagically be dissolved when the student reaches DJK, but instead show up as "Former Student" and "Former Master" on the respective dossiers
- Every automated administration e-mail from the site that would previously go to a student's house/clan summit members will now also be CC'ed to their master

An overview page for each unit that lists current master/student pairs as well as masters without students and students without masters will be added in the future. Edit 2/26: This has now been implemented.

A nice feature :D

This is very discriminatory. I am Howlader's master and I think the site should reflect that.

All of Tal is Howie's master...he's our panda bitch. :P

I could make it say "Former master/student" instead of dissolving... :P

I would think that Former is better, because it helps with the fictional aspects of our Characters.

I was going to make a suggestion, James, but you and Tra'an beat me to it. It would be a great way to track who trained whom and add more depth to our characters.

What if you've had dozens of masters and students though? X:

It's one-to-many, so you can have multiple (former) students, but only one (former) master.

Anyways, former master/student stuff should also work now, bug summit of the student or someone with MAA-level access to add it to your dossiers.

DA James Lucius I had a couple myself. Ashia, and then Cethgus, so your statement is true, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

It's not necessarily a 1...* relationship James. Maybe for practical purposes within the DB it is/should be, but often times in SW - and on the rare occasion in the DB - it's sometimes a ... relationship.

I would say that the only master of relevance would be the one who trained you to DJK. Unless your first got you from APP to JH or something....


You are right, Andrelious. Perhaps for practicality's sake, the 1...* relationship between Master/Student wouldforce the participants to stick with one master, would force the master to work harder, and/or shoudl recognize the Master that got the student to DJK - the titular rank.

Yeah, the reason I originally suggested putting them in the database (an incredibly huge gap of eons ago) was the whole "you gotta train a student to get EQ3 thing". Also, because Gmail only allows me to filter emails to eight people at once and we have more M/S pairs than that. :P

That's why there's a 1-to-many relationship. So that we don't get fifty people listed as the Master for soon-to-be-Knighted-dude-X all claiming that they now meet the qualifications for EQ3. :P

Since we are a Brotherhood... it would be logic to have many master... (just like Bane had in his starting brotherhood. Can i have more than one master?

Brilliant work Tim, and thanks Jam3z for making the code happen. This is a great step forward for the brotherhood as a whole. :)

I love Jam3z long time

<3 Jac

And the unit overview page has been implemented as well. Go to any unit, and look for the "x members are eligible for mastership... " etc link)

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