Justicar Introductions


Justicar Introductions

Hey folks,

Some of you know me, most do. My name is Taigikori Aybara, and for the last two years I was your Headmaster. (Congratulations to my Praetor for her elevation back onto the Dark Council.) I was just recently affirmed as your next Justicar of the Brotherhood. Huge thanks go out to Kir for all the work he's done, the mentoring he's given me, and the time he's given the Brotherhood that...he'll probably never get back :P. I've been a behind the scenes member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood community for the better part of four years, in all different aspects of Dark Council/Dark Summit work. I'm a long standing member of the Chamber of Justice, having served as Right Hand, Juror twice (see DB vs Raid & DB vs RH), and a really extended run as Appeals Panel. I was known by the DC to be the mediator of the lot of us, which probably helped in my being chosen for the job.

It's somewhat bittersweet, as I literally envisioned myself as staying Headmaster a long time, and I've got a lot of good memories built up during my tenure, as well as projects that will run long, long after both myself and Rono are around. I'm still going to be an active prescence in the SA, at Rono's blessing, much how Muz still cares about the graphical work still being done after his tenure as HRLD.

On the side of projects, I'll be working with Muz and Halc on the two upcoming Vendettas for this year, the earliest one being Horizons. There will be multiple staff positions opening soon, so be on the lookout for that. As an everyday note, I'll be patrolling IRC, answering complaint emails, mediating situations, and working on putting the Covenant into a more user friendly interface. Another thing I will be working on, is the Grind Path. This is a project I'm personally transplanting from my old office, and into my new one. It was agreed that I know this project better than anyone else, and should see it to completion. My door is always half way open (open doors are drafty), and I'm always available if you have a comment, complaint, or just want to talk. Who you gunna call?

Taigikori Aybara

Justicar and High Protector of the Brotherhood

Gratz on the shift over Taig. Hopefully your new job doesn't keep you too busy, so you've got time to pursue more fun stuff for yourself and the rest of the club.

And, also, Gratz to Ronovi on her elevation to Councilor. Thought I forgot, didn't you?

Awesome intro, Taig. Also, yes, you're still helping me with the SA. Because I said so. :P

Are you the Taigikori Aybara Dupar from the Great Jedi war X comic? Unbielievable!!! we have a star here!


Taig sucks. :P

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