Chamber of Justice taking applications


Chamber of Justice taking applications

Greetings all,

The position of Left Hand of Justice is now being opened to all applicants. Thanks go out to Etah for his service over the past 11 months. These positions are meant to only be six month terms, something that will be fixed during my tenure as Justicar. If you're interested in what the Left Hand of Justice does, visit the Wiki for more information. He/she serves as the Defense, as well as aids the Justicar in the building of a trial and organization of evidence. They, along with the Right Hand, form the core of the Chamber of Justice. The Justicar would not be able to perform effectively were it not for the Hands of Justice. These positions require a lot of responsibility and dedication, and I will be looking at past histories of disruptive behavior. This position will need to be filled in the next week.

The current Appeals Panel has been serving since November 2010, which translates to about three terms. Korras, Driftan and Myself are now being replaced by a new set of members, to help make up the 2012 Chamber of Justice. These members rarely see activity, as it's rare for a case to be found in breaking the Covenant. However, don't let this take away from the importance that this roll plays. They are the second line of defense for us in the case that an Appeal is met, and as such are a valued branch of the Chamber. The application period begins now, and will end one week from today. I have to make this application period shorter, since I happen to be one of the people sitting on the Panel. This is a conflict in the event that the Panel is actually needed, so I need to get the new members in quickly.

If you are interested in these positions, past experience in the fields of Law and Criminal Justice are a plus, but will not stop non-experienced members from getting selected. Experience such as courses taken in Highschool or College, or job related experience. Send all applications to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] before the window closes.

Signed and Sealed,
Taigikori Aybara
Justicar and High Protector of the Brotherhood

Choo-choo-choose me.

Taig. That sounds a little crazy my question is is it possible for me as JH to join you?

Generally, Kazumi, Hands of Justice are given to individuals with leadership experience. However, Taig is an equal opportunity leader. If you submit a great application and have completed the CoJ I Course, there is no reason you won't be considered for the position. The more applications Taig receives, the better it is for the club as a whole. It shows that there is interest in the workings of the the Covenant and shows that there is respect for the club and its membership as a whole.

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