SWTOR Patch 1.2 & Beyond - Recap by Dulfy.net


SWTOR Patch 1.2 & Beyond - Recap by Dulfy.net


I've been reading through various recaps of the SWTOR Guild Summit. The best one so far is over at www.dulfy.net:


Awesome stuff on the way for this game. My favorite: apparently they are going to have big UI changes for the GTN in 1.2 that will remove most of the idiocy from the interface.

BTW: dulfy.net is the best source for Sorcerer Healers. Hat tip: Valhavok.


Thanks for the heads up Jac, I just finished reading through that update. Some pretty sweet stuff coming!

Also, for our non-healing guildies out there... Dulfy's website is a great resource for HM Flashpoint Guides, HM Flashpoint and Ops Loot Lists, Companion Gift Tables (what does Mako like again?), and tips for newbs like me who can't beat the Space Missions on the first try.

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