New Appeals Panel and Left Hand of Justice chosen


New Appeals Panel and Left Hand of Justice chosen


After several good applicants, the next three members who will take over the Appeals Panel for this term have been selected.

Ood Bnar


Fremoc Pepoi Sadow

Once again, thank you to Etah for serving as Hand this past year. After careful consideration, I've decided on the next Left Hand of Justice as well. This person is no stranger to the Chamber, having served before as Right Hand. Please extend your congratulations to Alaris Jinn di Plagia for being the next Left Hand of Justice.

Thank you to all the applicants, they mad this selection quite frustrating. Keep an eye out for the Right Hand of Justice opening in a couple months.

Signed and sealed,

Taigikori Aybara

Justicar of the Brotherhood

Howie has a job? That's it, its going to be Panda-monium around here!


Congrats Ji!

May the wheels of Justice turn as slow during your tenure as they did mine.

Etah, that's Alaris, not Ji. :P

I was about to say....

Anyway, congratulations to all!

Yeah! Congrats Ji! Wait... I didn't even apply?! What sorcery is this?

Sith Sorcery, obviously.

Ah it was one of those J words >_<

Congrats Jinn then :P

Congrats alaris!

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