Applications for Consul of Naga Sadow


Applications for Consul of Naga Sadow


Macron came to us a couple of weeks ago, informing us that due to an increasing workload in RL he would need to step down as CON by the end of the month. His workload has actually increased at a faster pace than expected. Both Muz and I would like to thank him for his work as CON of Naga Sadow, trying to right some wrongs after the last GJW. We would also like to thank him for coming to us and letting us know his situation so that a smooth transition can be accomplished.

As such, applications for Consul are now open. Below are all of the necessary requirements and expectations of an applicant. Applications are open for one week, ending March 22nd. We will have our decision shortly after that date. All applications must go to myself and Muz.


  • Prior DB leadership experience (AED+)
  • 24 hour email turn around under normal circumstances
  • 72 hour email turn around time under constrained circumstances
  • The ability to effectively communicate via the written English word.
  • Experience with the Clan (past or present) an asset, preferably having served at least one year within the Clan

What to place in your application:

30-60-90 Day Plan. This plan should include major competitions, goals for the Clan, and any other major projects you want to work on.

Past Leadership experience in the Dark Brotherhood

Any recommendations you feel may help your chances of being selected

Any special skills you may possess that give you an advantage over others who may apply


Oversee and ensure the cohesive operation of all Houses in the Clan

Work with the Grand Master and Brotherhood administrative staff to ensure that there is proper communication, activity and cohesion throughout

Report to the rest of the Dark Council and the Clan on a regular and consistent basis

Liaise between the Clan and the Dark Council: you represent your Clan on the Dark Council, and report important and significant Dark Council happenings to your Clan

Promote competitions, both internal and external, in which your members may participate

Run Competitions internally; with other Clans and organize Clan feuds

Reward and promote members of the Clan where appropriate

Responsible for training new Summit Leadership

Provides constructive criticism for subordinate leaders

Guide all leaders, from Proconsul to Battleteam Leader, in their growth

Welcome new members of the Clan and ensure smooth operation of Clan and House Envoys

Maintain and develop a Clan “identity” including recording of Clan history, detail possessions and all other fictional aspects pertaining to the Clan.

Ensure that the Clan information in all Brotherhood publications, such as the Dark Voice, DSC, Codex and Covenant, are up-to-date

Conduct themselves in a mature and professional manner, leading by example both in terms of activity as well as adhering to the rules of conduct set forth by the Dark Council

Leading in and being part of various projects either at the Dark Council level, or Clan and House levels as well

Choo-choo-choose me!

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