6 Redesign

Hey folks,

If you haven't been to our new Guild website in the last day or so, go check it out. I've updated the interface and graphics to look close to

I'll be working over the coming weeks to achieve some integration between the sites. Stay tuned!

Many thanks go out to Sarin who is the benefactor of the site. He's paid for a year of our hosting on Enjin. Someone get that guy a medal!


Wow, Jac! You're totally awesome!

absolute AWESOME work thumbs and big toes up bro :P mean in TOR you get to play with Jac and Sarin. That is worth the subscription fee. Or something.

^ contact Bioware, we've found them their new selling point.

the site looks great. At least for the next few days I can play TOR. Free 7 day trails are nice. Have to look into getting the game but not sure if it will happen any time soon or not.

the site looks gay, like Kir.

btw I`m saying Kir is gay.

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