AWOL Started!


AWOL Started!


as you probably noticed now, I just started an AWOL. to respond, simply press the link in it. no more need to send an email. ( <3 James for that feature. :) )

why do we do this? simple: so we don't end up being a humoungous club, with very few active members. this way, we can manage the rosters more properly.

unit leaders will recieve a link in their admin page within the next few days, to see who from their unit did not respond yet.

that'll be all.

Also: the mail server is slow, so if you did not yet receive a mail, wait a while - it it likely that it'll arrive in the next hour.

After some struggling with the mail server, it seems all mails have been sent now. If you haven't received anything, please contact Korras and myself.

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