Ambitions Extension?


Ambitions Extension?

Hey all,

Recently, a member of an Ambitions team came to me asking if there was any way that I could extend Ambitions. The reasoning behind it? They were just too into their storyline, and weren't sure if they could get it done so soon. At first, I pondered just judging up until the 10th and giving the teams free reign after that date to write whatever they'd like.

Now, I'm going to put it to a vote. It seems more and more members are coming to me, saying how sad they are that it's ending so soon - that a single month is just too short to write a half decent story. With this, I am inclined to agree. Some of the Run-Ons I've been reading are just fabulous - and coming along nicely. As well, I've noticed that a few of the threads have very few posts; likely do to timezone and schedule issues.

Would you like the option of simply extending the judge time for an extra month, or would you simply like me judge up until April 10th and allow you to keep writing your story?

If at least 10 members want the judge time extended (I already have a few), I'll be more than happy to do so. Keep in mind though, I expect to see you continually posting!

Keep an eye out for a report from Vodo in the next couple days. The guy had a rough week with mid-terms.


His Honor,

Anubis Annedu

Praetor to the Voice of the Brotherhood

Yup. Extensions are cool.

As I'm the one who first suggested it, I am totally for a one month extension. Vote numbah two!

Do It! Extend it for us!

Yes. Extensions, please.

Extensions FTW

I'm game for extensions. It'd nicely make up for the busy weeks.

I'm down as well :).

Even though I'm not posting, I am a member of OFH...and sicne OFH's storyline will only get amazinger/funnier, I'd say extend the deadline. :P

Thumbs up!

Definately want an extension.

Because I want to be the eleventh person and spell that number out with letters: Yay on the 10 Day Extension Partay. =]

Shaz, don't you want it through the end of the month?

I was too busy rhyming. You'll uderstand when you're breaking out into the underground rap scene. =P End of the month extension for the win!

Definitely want an extension.

Extension! Please =D

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