Dark Sage Writing Course Open For Sign-Ups


Dark Sage Writing Course Open For Sign-Ups

BEFORE YOU READ THIS: Please check out Vodo's and Anubis's news posts. Lots of spankin' new Voice competitions to be had, plus if you want an extension for your RO in the Ambitions competition, you oughta vote for one in the comments section of Anubis's post. So scroll down and read them posts.

...You done? You back now? You sure you read them? Okay, cool.

Starting now, I am accepting sign-ups for the Dark Sage of Writing course, which is held annually. The course will officially begin on May 1st, 2012, and continue for ten weeks, during which time you will be working on a long-term writing project. In order to sign up, please do the following:

-Send an e-mail to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

-In said e-mail, attach a piece of your best writing. This piece can be as short or as long as you desire.

-Also in said e-mail, list your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your writing. Emphasize what you want to improve on and what you want to get out of this course.

I will post a sign-up reminder on April 15th and a final reminder on April 30th, so you can't tell me I didn't keep you guys posted. Last year, we had two people earn the Sage, so you can, too.

-Ronovi Tavisaen Dupar

Headmaster of the Shadow Academy

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