Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report


Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report

**Imperial Palace

Judecca, Cocytus System**

Xen'Mordin gazed over a pile of reports. Reports of crop yields, reports of import taxes, reports of other various information that kept the Cocytus system functioning. But there were other reports as well, secret messages and bits of information. To most it would seem like random pieces of information, that didn't seem relevant in anyway shape or form to the running of a system. Yet, in Xen's eyes these were the most important things in the whole galaxy needed to keep they Cocytus system going.

Living as part of the Dark Brotherhood required playing along in the power struggle game. Information was just as important military strength here. If you didn't pay attention you would wake up with a fleet of battle cruisers in orbit.

The clans and houses would play along with each other when needed, yet the rest of the time was spent plotting, moving pieces in a complex game for power. However once in a blue moon certain events were inevitable.

Xen read and reread the highly encrypted message, again and again. He was clearly not the only one who was restless.

Hello Scholae Palatinae!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer months. I know I have. I've got a big announcement in here so make sure to read it!

The Feud

For a long while now there have been talks of getting an inter-unit feud going between ourselves and others. After a lot discussion we finally got a group of units together who were game on having a feud.

Now after a few frantic weeks of trying to get it ready I am very pleased to say that it is going to happen. With a planned start date of July 29th HSP will be joining into a feud with Clan Naga Sadow along side our allies House Plagueis.

I am incredibly excited to have this finally happen. The CNS and PLA Summits have been fantastic to work with in bringing this event to you. It has been a VERY long time since HSP has done a feud so I hope you all are as excited about this opportunity as I am. We have a fantastic mix of competitions for everyone to participate in over the course of three weeks. I know CNS and PLA are going to be bring their A game to this so lets make sure to do the same. There is going to be something for everyone. We are going to have a lot more information about this as it starts up.

With the upcoming feud I want to once again highlight IRC so that new members can be aware and some of the older members reminded. IRC is a huge aspect of the DB because it allows for so many of us to talk and interact with each other on a level that isn't possible through email. I've made some incredible friends here in the DB, and mainly because I frequent IRC channels. So next time you find yourself on your computer for a while, open up an IRC client or webchat and come visit #scholae on the undernet server. We would love to see you there.

Outside of working on this feud, we have been continuing to work on improving the HSP experience for all of you. Many people have come up with their own competitions to run, which is fantastic. As we continue to work on straightening up our fictional aspects, the wiki, and moving forward with storylines within the house, I also want to make sure we are providing things that you all want and like. As such I've got a short survey about the house and what kind of things you like to see and do here. So yeah, its another one of those short simple surveys. But I really do want to give you the best experience possible and this helps me out a lot. So if you have like an extra two minutes, please take this survey.

Okay then, that wraps up another report. I hope all are having a fantastic summer and are now looking forward to the coming Feud with CNS and PLA.


Feud coming

Get on IRC!

Take a short simple survey to help me out!

Also as a reminder I do have a Formspring account, so if there are questions and the like you have, you can also ask there.

For the Empire!

Xen'Mordin Vismorsus

Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

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