New ACC Champion Crowned


New ACC Champion Crowned

The Deputy Grand Master watched from the safety of the bridge aboard the Cotelin as the roiling gas giant below them ripped at the Abyss. The station had served its purpose. Its final task was complete as a lone shuttle shot out of its hanger.

"They're not going to make it", the woman next to him whispered. She was right as the station had gone just past the point of no return, and the shuttle strained to break free of the planet's pull.

Halcyon looked down a moment to see two life signs inside the shuttle. Neither could effectively pilot the shuttle at the best of times. This was far from those times. For a second he contemplated leaving them to their fate. Two Elders of Arcona gone in a second. The arena he chose was a death trap.

"Save them", the woman nearly shouted, causing the Dark Prophet to turn his gaze to her. Xathia caught herself as her eyes widened. He held her gaze. Those were her Clan mates inside the shuttle. The Clan may never get over such a loss.

"You heard her, Captain. Save them".

His orders were confirmed as the bridge focused on getting the shuttle. The powerful vessel moved in closer as its tractor beam enveloped the shuttle, helping it along.

Get off my bridge he commanded the Archpriest in her mind as he turned back to the viewport. He heard the bridge doors open and close behind him, but his gaze never left the Abyss as it was consumed by the giant.

"Well done, Entar", he whispered under his breath as the former ACC Facility took its last breath.

The CHL is over! It took a number of months, but it was well worth it. Thank you to everyone who participated. In the end there could only be one.

Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae is the new Champion of the ACC!

I know how grueling this competition is (hey, it took me 3 tries to win the damn thing :P), but both went all out in that last battle. I highly suggest anyone who wants to suceed in the ACC read this battle. It will be an invaluable tool on how to write a good post.

The Battle:

Again, well done to both Dash and Tim for that great battle!

Congrats to you both! I hope to see you guys next time ' round.... ;)

If anyone ever wondered how to write an ACC battle with heart, character progression, and proper action...please read this. It should be a standard for anyone to qualify.

Amazing match, awe inspiring to read :)

It really was a spectacular match from beginning to end. As Wally said, this is one to read. :)

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