New Right Hand of Justice named


New Right Hand of Justice named

Greetings all,

While Jeric serves his last couple of days, I thought it appropriate to introduce you all to the next Right Hand. I was disappointed in that I received no applications from members who have never been Hand before. On the flip side of that coin, I know all who applied, and what their capacity for DB law is.

Without further delay, please welcome Arion Sunrider back to the Chamber of Justice. Arion served as Left Hand when I myself was Right Hand, and is a former Dark Council member several times over. Needless to say I believe he will be a fine addition to our team. Please join me in thanking Jeric for his completed tour as Right Hand, but more importantly on the feat of being the first Hand to serve on the Chamber for 12 months.

Taigikori Aybara

Justicar of the Brotherhood

It's been excellent working with you Jeric! And Arion, congrats on Right Hand!

Thank you. It was a pleasure to finally serve the Chamber. Following my deployment I look forward to returing once again to the Chamber!

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