[Horizons] Final Results - Part 1


[Horizons] Final Results - Part 1


We have a bunch of events fully graded, so I thought I would let everyone know those first. We still have a few events we're working on and hopefully by the weekend we can have it all completely wrapped up.

Week 3 Poetry

1st - Darth Pravus

2nd - Raken

3rd - Thran Occasus

4th - Arden Karn

5th - Raiju

Week 3 Fiction (Normal)

1st - Raken

2nd - Legorii

3rd - Darth Pravus

4th - Arden Karn

5th - Solus Gar

Week 3 Fiction (Horror)

1st - Raken (This was...wow)

2nd - Thran Occasus

3rd - Koryn Thraagus

4th - Alaris Jinn

5th - Legorii

Week 3 Graphics

1st - Graus Colvin

2nd - Kuro Kogarasu

3rd - Solus Gar

4th - Raken

5th - Archangel & Kazmir Natas (Tied)

Wiki Event

1st - Solus Gar, Ronovi, Tra'an, Socorra & Legorii

2nd - Alexander DelGotto, Anshar, Jason Hunter & Raiju

3rd - Andrelious, Teu, Etah. Celevon & Methyas

4th - Kuro, Akatuski, Xan & Kell

5th - Arden Karn, Eiko, Kal, Kalatosh & Timeros

ToR Scavenger Hunt

1st - Archangel

2nd - Kazmir

3rd - Necronomicon

4th - Pravus

5th - Silent

2v1 Gaming

1st - Strategos

2nd - Cethgus

3rd - Xan Phraz-Etar

4th - Andrelious

5th - Alaris

Week 3 Gaming (Gears/Halo/CoD)

1st - Sarin & Marick (Tied)

Yay! More Novae! Great job to all the participants!

Nice work on the Timely Grading. Grats to Strat/Archangel/Sol/Ron/Tra'an/Socks/Legz/Graus/Raken on the Gold Novae. Epic stuff.

WTF, you mean I have to submit stuff to win? I call bias.

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