Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report


Scholae Palatinae Quaestor Report

ISD-II Warspite

Deep Space

There was a new found appreciation for the force growing within the Dark Brothers and Sisters of Scholae Palatinae. They had been pushed to the brink of destruction in their battle with madness. But as swiftly as the terror started, it was now ending. A cure-bearing virus was working its way through Brotherhood forces, restoring the ever present connection with the force. Like a near drowned man heaving in deep breaths of air, the Dark Jedi were relieved.

But not all was well.

"Cocytus is still under enemy attack. With the enemy in place, we cannot spread the cure to our members in system." Xen'Mordin said. His fellow summit members nodded in understanding.

"Thran managed to land on the Excidium. The cure is quickly making its way through our people there. All of our fleet that isn't still in system are back under control." Xan Phraz-Etar reported.

"Well then, Let's skip the foreplay. We have a system to defend. Get to it." Xen said. There was no mistaking the tone. Much more blood was to be shed.

Hello Scholae Palatinae!

Time for another QUA report! As you all are aware, Horizons is now over! But that doesn't mean its time to slack. Got a few new announcements to make so lets dive right into it.

The majority of results have been released regarding Horizons, but we are still waiting on the last bit. Once I get a final list from the DC on participation expect to be seeing some shineys go out. Based on what I had been CC'd on throughout the vendetta, I was very proud of how many members stepped up and hit Horizons hard. Super special shout outs to Xan, Akatsuki and Arch who did a ton of events, as well as to Thran who got in the top 5 multiple times. Y'all rock!

But even with Horizons over with, the fun isn't ending. The way it ended left us with an enemy fleet within our system. To push them back we will be having another feudesque event starting in the next couple of weeks. We will once again be involved with CNS as we work to push back the enemy from our systems. We don't have a firm start date yet as we are working on the specifics, but expect a wide mix of competitions. There are also going to be many 1st level crescents up for grabs in this. I urge everyone to try their hand at participating so you can try and go for these hard to obtain medals.

Within the house I have started to make some changes regarding the battleteams. You may remember earlier in the year that we created a new battleteam, Hephaestus. It was a kind of experimental idea for utilizing a battleteam in the house. At this point in time, it hasn't been going along as far as we had hoped. I have closed the team and moved everyone who was in it, back into general house membership.

BUT at the same time we have decided to reopen battleteam Acclivis Draco. Acclivis Draco has a very long and proud history here in Scholae Palatinae. Former BTL Koryn Thraagus is once again going to be heading up this team. At the moment there isn't any members in the team. What I am planning on doing is going through the complete house roster and reassigning members to either Caliburnus or Acclivis Draco. I want to give as much balance as possible to both teams in terms of active and semi-active members.

It will take a little while to finalize the lists for both teams, but when it is done I believe that it will make both teams much stronger. Koryn and Evant are both great members and I am very excited to see how they work together in utilizing both battleteams!

So that all said, we are continuing to grow and strengthen as a unit. I am very pleased at the great progress HSP has been making over the last few years. As always if you have any questions or concerns or suggestions or snide remarks my door is always open. Unless, that is, if you have the snide remarks. You can direct those to Xan or Akatsuki.


  • Horizons is over! Great job HSP!

  • Upcoming feudesque event with CNS as follow up to events of Horizons!

  • Hephaestus closed. Acclivis Draco reopened with Koryn as BTL

  • Have a great Halloween!

Xen'Mordin Vismorsus

Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

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